These grants are available to licensed child care providers in Pinellas County.
Benefits include onboarding incentives and training with completion bonuses.

*One bonus per person. Previous recipients are not eligible.*

Onboarding Incentives (available to
new staff hired after 7/1/22):


$500 upon successful completion of background screening and 120 hours on-the-job (all providers including school-age)


$700 upon successful completion of DCF pre-service training (all providers including school-age)

ARPA Helpdesk hours will be canceled on November 22 and December 27, 2023, due to holiday closures.


2536 Countryside Blvd Suite 500, Clearwater, FL 33763

Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Processes and Procedures

A. Placements

I. General: 

  1. Appointment Phone Script and Process
  2. BG1-11 Outreach and Enrollment Process
  3. Placement 30-30 Plan
  4. Browsing
  5. Keying Placements
  6. Sib-Adds
  7. Interview Flow
  8. Terms and Conditions in the Family Portal Account

II. Waitlist:

III. CCAA Process:

B. Enrollments


I. Processing Redeterminations: 

II. Rejections for Redeterminations:

III. Other/General Redetermination Information:

D. Reestablishment Periods/Reviews

E. Transfers

F. Suspended Enrollments

G. Coalition Transfers

H. Social Security

I. SR Plus-Local Funding

Annual Report

Annual Report