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The Early Learning Coalition strives to provide the most up-to-date, interactive, and developmentally appropriate resources for child care providers.
The learning tools are to ensure that child care providers and the children they serve have the tools they need to succeed. 

We introduce programs that will increase the overall quality of early care and education, in a variety of developmental areas. Child care providers will find the diversity of the options we make available can help meet their individual educational and professional improvement goals.

These programs are available exclusively to SRPA participants


Quality care to our most vulnerable population could result in additional funding.

School Readiness providers can receive higher School Readiness reimbursements based on their CLASS scores. Participation in SRPA is also a requirement for participation in other local quality programs.

How can I become involved? 

SRPA is mandatory for some child care providers.  If it is not mandatory for your facility, please consider opting in today.

For more information contact Shrieka Hollis at


Connecting the Dots is a training coaching program to support the implementation of child assessments throughout our child care centers, family child care home, and in the classroom. This program provides the necessary tools to conduct child assessments, complete required certification, and support children’s growth and development. Training content will provide strategies to gather quality data and observations to inform planning and classroom activities.

For more information please contact


Elevating and supporting early childhood educators is vital to fulfilling the Early Learning Coalition’s mission. We continually reward early childhood educators who pursue higher education and remain committed to the field of early childhood education.

How do we encourage early childhood professionals with higher education to enter or remain in the early education field?

Financial support is available to child care providers through our Elevate program.  The supplement amounts are based on providers’ education level and will be disbursed on a semi-annual basis. Elevate 2.0 offers stipends ranging from $1500 – $6000  (with a $300 enrollment bonus)

For more information about our Elevate program, please contact Amanda Houston at


The Early Learning Coalition Accreditation Assistance Program (ELCAAP) is a path to Gold Seal designation through accreditation. Benefits of Gold Seal designation include a positive marketing tool for prospective parents; tax exemptions on certain educational materials; and property taxes; and higher reimbursement for School Readiness providers.

How will we support your program on the path to Accreditation? 

We will help you work toward accreditation by aligning the many pieces of early care and education, such as child care licensing, accreditation, program assessment, technical assistance, coaching, and professional development. This program requires commitment of staff to complete formalized education plans and obtain credentials as needed. The Early Learning Coalition will assist with accreditation fees and professional development costs.

For more information contact Shrieka Hollis at


The Early Learning Coalition wants to eliminate the financial barriers of obtaining higher education. We support providers by offering programs and incentives that relieve the financial constraint of advancing their professional and educational goals.

How do we support child care provider’s higher education goals?

Participants will have the opportunity to pursue formal education using the TEACH scholarship without the out of pocket expenses (participant and sponsor percentages funded by the PDAP – release time is the responsibility of the sponsoring center).  Participants may be eligible for bonuses as they meet educational goals. In addition to financial support, providers will receive an advisor to support them at every step of their educational journey.

For more information about our PDAP program, please contact Amanda Houston at


Our Engage program seeks to address the qualified child care workforce shortage by providing financial relief
to assist child care providers with the cost of hiring new staff.

Which costs will we reimburse?

  • Fingerprinting and background screening ($70 per new candidate)
  • Initial clock hour training requirements (up to $80 per new candidate)
  • Child care training exams (up to $55 per new candidate)
  • First-aid/CPR training (up to $40 per new candidate)
  • Awarding new hires with retention bonuses (up to $250)

For more information, contact us at


Reading is one of the most important skills for long-term success for an early learner. The Nemours Reading BrightStart! (NBS!) Complete Program for Literacy Success puts teachers on the cutting edge of early literacy best practices with an exciting new approach to building reading readiness skills for struggling learners. The program implements Response to Intervention (RTI) in the classroom. 

Which classrooms can implement Nemours Reading BrightStart!?

This unique program is specifically designed for teaching early literacy skills to small groups (no more than 4 children per lesson activity). The program is an effective teaching tool for children 4 and 5 years old with diverse and at-risk backgrounds.

For more information, please contact Camille Mendez at


Each month local law enforcement officers, deputies, paramedics, firefighters and early learning child care centers come together to promote the importance of early literacy and build a more positive relationship between our young citizens and community agencies.

How does the program support literacy and community engagement?

The Early Learning Coalition (ELC) pairs local officers and civic leaders with an early learning center to read a selected book to young children. The books include conversations relating to safety and character development. ELC staff provides book extensions and activities for the classroom teachers to expand this literacy experience..

For more information, please contact Camille Mendez at


QUEST NATIONAL CDA is a training and preparation program to support teachers in obtaining a National CDA with an Infant/Toddler or Preschool endorsement through the Council for Professional Recognition.

Participants who qualify will receive:

    • Training using a variety of models (in person,
      virtual, online, blended)
    • Classroom Support through (On the Job Training (OJT),
      Coaching, TA)
    • Classroom Materials to support application of CDA standards
    • Professional Portfolio Development & Exam Preparation

For more information click here.

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions please click here to begin the enrollment process.

    1. Are you employed by a licensed Pinellas County Childcare Center or Family Child Care Home and contracted with ELC?
    2. Is your Child Care Center or Family Child Care Home a School Readiness Program Assessment (SRPA) provider?
    3. Do you work a minimum of 20 hours per week in a classroom?
    4. Do you have a high school diploma?

If you are unable to answer yes to all of the questions unfortunately you are not eligible to enroll in ELC’s CDA program.  However; the CDA Council for Professional Recognition has a list of organizations that have successfully met the Council’s CDA Gold Standard criteria to provide quality CDA training:


QUEST/CDA Renewal Program: is a training program to support teachers in renewing their National CDA with an Infant/Toddler or Preschool endorsement throughout the 3 year renewal period. 

Participants who qualify will receive:

  • Training using a variety of models (in person, virtual, online, blended)
  • Classroom Support through (On the Job Training (OJT), Coaching, TA) that align with the Council for Professional Recognition’s CDA renewal requirements.
  • Classroom Materials to support continual application of CDA standards

For more information please contact


Quest/Leadership:  is a training program to support participants to obtain an initial director’s credential or renew a director’s credential.
All coursework meets DCF requirements.

Participants will receive:

  • Leadership training with specific strategies/tools to support their staff in a more supportive, reflective way that is also data driven. 
  • Coaching and/or TA support as a way to build sustainability in their center’s professional learning and growth. 
  • Materials to support application of coursework in center/FCCH

For more information please contact


Infant Toddler Support Line: This helpline is available for providers to reach out with questions about an infant or toddler they serve.
The support line is meant to assist providers overcome challenges that could improve daily interactions and increase quality on state and local levels.
For more information please contact Mallory Akers at

 Infant Capacity Grants: Grants are open to child care centers and family childcare homes. Recipients are awarded stipends to offset the cost of increasing infant capacity in their program. Coalition staff works with providers to meet program obligations as they choose quality materials and/or identify necessary environmental upgrades. Grants are awarded to child care facilities that have participated in infant/toddler specific professional development, coaching and program assessments.

For more information please contact Zoe Turner at


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Annual Report

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