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Engage. Inspire. Elevate.

We are committed to helping all families have access to quality early learning opportunities to ensure children enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

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School Readiness Program

Are child care costs becoming a burden? School Readiness Scholarships may be able to help you. All-day options are available for families who are eligible.

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Voluntary PreKindergarten ( VPK )

Sign-up for Florida’s FREE VPK to ensure your child is ready for kindergarten and life. All-day options are available for families who are eligible.

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Child Care Resource and Referral

We can help you find high-quality child care and
other resources in your area. Get your FREE listing today!

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Child Care Careers Board

Thought about a career in the child care industry? Check out our Community Jobs page highlighting great opportunities throughout Pinellas County.

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Professional Development

We offer programs and incentives to child care providers to help advance their professional goals and education while they work.

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Director's Cafe

Join us for after lunch networking, strategy building and
in-service training with your peers. Open to all Directors!

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What we invest in our community today can shape the lives of tomorrow. Your gift can create a bright future for a child.

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Professional Development Incentive Program

Child care providers are charged with ensuring that the children in their care receive well-rounded and appropriate tools to help them develop into successful learners. Many providers cannot afford to stop working in order to continue their own education or certification. We support providers by offering programs and incentives that allow them to continue working while advancing their own professional goals and education.

The Professional Development Incentive Program (PDIP) is exclusively offered to SRPA participants. This program assists early childhood professionals in reaching their educational goals. The PDIP offers scholarships for continuing education and annual bonuses for staff that maintain uninterrupted employment with their sponsoring center or family childcare home, as funding allows.



Participants will receive support and guidance to create and meet professional development goals


Participants may earn up to a $250 bonus annually for each completed TEACH contract


Participants will have the opportunity to pursue formal education using the TEACH scholarship without the out of pocket expenses (participant and sponsor percentages funded by the PDIP – release time is the responsibility of the sponsoring center)


Participants are eligible to receive an annual stipend for continuing their education and remaining employed at their sponsoring center (stipend amounts are based on the level of education achieved and as funding allows)

For more information, contact Amanda Houston at 727-400-4467 or


ELCAAP is Early Learning Coalition Accreditation Assistance Program (path to accreditation). The Coalition will help you work toward accreditation by aligning the many pieces of early care and education, such as child care licensing, accreditation, program assessment, technical assistance, coaching, and professional development. This program requires commitment of staff to complete formalized education plans and obtain credentials as needed. The Coalition will assist with accreditation fees and professional development costs.

For more information contact Sima Saffary at


2536 Countryside Blvd Suite 500, Clearwater, FL 33763

Hours of Operation: M-F, 8:00am – 5:00pm

Processes and Procedures

A. Placements

I. General: 

  1. Appointment Phone Script and Process
  2. BG1-11 Outreach and Enrollment Process
  3. Placement 30-30 Plan
  4. Browsing
  5. Keying Placements
  6. Sib-Adds
  7. Interview Flow
  8. Terms and Conditions in the Family Portal Account

II. Waitlist:

III. CCAA Process:

B. Enrollments


I. Processing Redeterminations: 

II. Rejections for Redeterminations:

III. Other/General Redetermination Information:

D. Reestablishment Periods/Reviews

E. Transfers

F. Suspended Enrollments

G. Coalition Transfers

H. Social Security

I. SR Plus-Local Funding

Annual Report

Annual Report