The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas makes deliberate efforts to promote, participate in, and support activities with various community organizations helping children and their families. However, advocacy efforts for early education issues are not tackled by any single agency or organization.

Anyone can become an advocate for local, state, and federal issues impacting children – and it is not as intimidating as it sounds! Sparking a conversation can raise awareness about the importance of early care and education. It can be as simple as talking to friends, family, neighbors and others in your community, talking about the importance of early childhood education and getting the average citizen (not just politicians) to understand how early learning impacts the community.

The information below will help to get you get started! 

Bills of Interest

Proposed Early Learning and Early Grade Success Bills

HB 1013Filed by Rep. Erin Grall, R-District 54. Moves Office of Early Learning into a division of the Department of Education; removes direct rulemaking authority from OEL; moves OEL budget under Department of Education; revises provisions relating to early learning coalitions,VPK and school readiness programs, and Department of Education’s responsibilities and duties relating to early learning. Moved to Education Committee Wednesday, Feb. 12.

SB 1688: Companion bill to HB 1013, filed by Senator Gayle Harrell, R-Stuart. Adding the Division of Early Learning to the divisions of the Department of Education; revising the duties of the Early Learning Programs Estimating Conference; providing requirements for minimum child care licensing standards; requiring students enrolled in the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program to participate in a specified screening and progress-monitoring program; revising the performance standards for the Voluntary Prekindergarten Education Program; authorizing certain child development programs operating on military installations to participate in the school readiness program, etc. Moved to Subcommittee on Education, Monday, Jan. 27.

Bill to law

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Find Your State Legislators


Governor Ron DeSantis

Phone: (850) 717-9337


Ed Hooper

State Senator for Florida Dist. 16 (R)

Phone:(727) 771-2102


Darryl E. Rouson

State Senator for Florida Dist. 19 (D)

Phone: (850) 487-5019


Jeff Brandes

State Senator for Florida, Delegation Vice Chair, Dist. 24 (R)



Wengay “Newt” Newton, Sr.

State Representative for Florida Dist. 70 (D)


Nick DiCeglie

State Representative for Dist. 66 (R)


Chris Latvala

State Representative for Florida Dist. 67 (R)


Jennifer N. Webb

State Representative for Dist. 69 (D)


Ben Diamond

State Representative for Dist. 68 (D)


James W. “J.W.” Grant

State Representative for Florida Dist. 64 (R)


Chris Sprowls

Florida House Representative, Delegation Chair, Dist.65 (R)


There are 24 municipalities in Pinellas County – click on yours to find contact info for your local government and elected officials:



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Florida’s future starts early. The foundation of many skills needed for 21st-century jobs is established in the earliest years. Eighty-five percent of brain growth occurs by the time a child is three and early childhood education, particularly between ages 0-8, is essential for a child’s development of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills.

The Florida Chamber Foundation encourages business leaders like you to join our Business Alliance for Early Learning. Businesses from around the state will tackle a number of issues impacting children ages 0-8. Join us as we engage businesses, families and community leaders in securing Florida’s future through quality early learning.


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