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Learning happens anywhere a child goes, but parents may not always know how to support their learning. A new outdoor trail may be the answer for families
looking for fun activities to help their child learn.

Early education professionals are saying a “child care crisis” is underway in Tampa Bay. Some of the most important years for a child’s social, emotional and language development occur before they enter grade school. More than 90% of a child’s brain will have developed by the time most enter kindergarten.

The “Rebound and Recovery” program will be incorporated into a county-wide initiative for the coalition, Behavior Boot Camp. This initiative offers training and interventions to improve safety, connection, problem-solving and behavioral and social-emotional learning skills in preschool settings. The goal of Behavior Boot Camp is to reduce or eliminate preschool expulsions due to behavioral issues.  

The child care industry is facing unprecedented times. Listen below to ELC CEO Lindsay Carson and other early learning leaders as they speak about barriers to access and quality.



The nation’s private child care industry was already struggling with high turnover and tight margins before the pandemic. Now, it is dealing with staffing shortages, constant disruptions from coronavirus quarantines and threats to workers’ health from the virus. Worsening issues have meant even fewer open seats and continued uncertainty for parents searching for care.

According to Bay Area child-care providers, young children are continuing to struggle emotionally because of the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why some teachers are learning tools to help their students cope. At Hope Academy International in Clearwater, they’ve invested in mental-health training for her teachers.

LAKELAND, Fla. — The pandemic hit the child care industry hard.  In Lakeland, Karina Sloan was forced to temporarily shut down one of her centers because of the virus. Families were not coming. Now, her child care centers are back open, but Sloan has lost close to $50,000 trying to operate.


Early learning educators and advocates are worried after seeing a decline in enrollment for Florida’s voluntary prekindergarten (VPK) program. The Early Learning Coalition of Pinellas tells 8 On Your Side they are seeing roughly about a 20% decline.
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Annual Report

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